Ben Claussen

Last Updated: 8/27/2019 12:50 AM

Systems Support Specialist

March 2014 to Present

B.S. Computer Information Systems, Summa cum laude, The University of Akron

Ben works as a Technical Software Support Specialist in the Technical Services team at NEOnet. He primarily manages the edge firewall, SCCM, Exchange, and Active Directory related components.

Prior to joining NEOnet, he worked for a manufacturing company in Kent, Ohio as the Network Administrator. He has worked as the IT Administrator for the non-commercial WSTB-FM (owned by Streetsboro City Schools) since graduating in 2008, as well as doing IT consulting on the side since graduating from UA in 2012.

Among the Technical Team, Ben is most known for writing many scripts to automate complicated tasks, freeing him and other team members to focus on more important responsibilities. He enjoys learning new technologies and continuing to evolve his current programming capabilities.

In his spare time he is developing skills in many different web languages such as PHP, HTML5, CSS, AJAX, jQuery, and even integrating such languages with a Powershell-driven API.