Tim Tracy

Last Updated: 8/27/2019 1:04 AM

Senior Systems Support Specialist

July 2005 to Present

Computer Technology, Kent State University

Tim came to NEOnet after serving seven years in various technical positions at Tallmadge City Schools where he also attended school and was part of the TWE (Technical Work Experience) program from his sophomore year until the time at which he graduated high school.  He then attended Kent State University while working full time where he obtained a degree in computer technology concentrating his studies on network technology.  Tim is primarily responsible for the server infrastructure at NEOnet including server hardware, virtual environment, guest operating systems, email services, storage and backup services. He spends much of his time troubleshooting, maintaining and updating these systems to ensure the best customer experience possible.  

When Tim isn’t working he likes to maintain an active lifestyle, be it outdoors or in the gym.  When the weather is fair you can often find him with his canine companion on one of the many hiking trails in Northeast Ohio or cycling on the Towpath or Metro Parks Bike and Hike Trails.  If he’s not being active he likes to take time to relax and in particular enjoys learning about history, science and as you might expect technology.  He also enjoys traveling and hopes to visit as many National Parks as possible throughout his life time during these travels.