Staff Directory

Each of the NEOnet Staff has a primary area of responsibility which correspond to the services offered.

Phone: 330-926-3900

Fax: 330-926-3901

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Matthew Gdovin Executive Director 601100
Christopher Zolla Assistant Director 601110
Kim Fassnacht Fiscal Officer 601120
Ashley Tebo Receptionist 601124
EMIS - x601140
Mary Dolis EMIS Service Senior Specialist 601102
Raina Henderson EMIS Services Support Specialist 601103
Catherine Wright EMIS Support Specialist 601126
Fiscal Services - x601130
Roxanna Bennett Fiscal Services Support Specialist 601133
AJ Graham Fiscal Services Support Liaison 601129
Bob McDonald Fiscal Services Support Specialist 601137
Lisa Nash Fiscal Services Senior Specialist 601121
Bethany Vallos Fiscal Services Support Specialist 601132
Library Automation Services - x601160
Tamra Dugan Media Services Support Specialist 601128
Noah Himes Media Services Support Liaison 601117
Jacob Williams Technology Integration Specialist 601131
Jim Martin Business Manager 601115
Student Services - x601140
Jennifer Cottrill Director of Software Services 601114
Michele Baker Student Services Support Specialist 601113
Bethany Ladich Student Services Support Specialist 601138
Kathy Peters Student Services Senior Specialist 601107
Michael Hoffman Student Database and Application Support Specialist 601108
Denise Marrali Student Services Senior Specialist 601101
Technical Services - x601150
Ben Claussen Systems Support Specialist 601125
Cyrus Elder Senior Network Support Specialist 601116
Ben Heller Network Support Specialist 601122
Tim Tracy Senior Systems Support Specialist 601109