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Technology Integration Update
Wednesday, March 8th 2017

Has your school gone 1 to 1 with Chromebooks? Are you frantically trying to learn the basics of the Chromebook? We all had these feelings when our schools got our first Chromebooks. Sometimes the best way to adjust to a new device to just play around with it. Sometimes this is easier said than done, especially with a district device. Below, I have list some of my favorite Chromebook shortcuts, hacks, and tricks to make your life...

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Wednesday, February 22nd 2017

Audio/Video Storybooks using Google Slides


We all have a need to create a presentation from time to time. This could be because we are teaching something that requires a very sequential over view of topics or this could be because we want to have a list of talking points to share with a class. Either way, we are always turning to PowerPoint or Google Slides to create these types of presentations. Presentation...

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Wednesday, February 1st 2017

The benefits of using Google Chrome, even if you are not a Google school.

You might think that there is nothing less important than what internet browser you use in your school. There are many options out there. Some of the most known might include Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, and Microsoft Edge. The lesser-known browsers can range from Opera to UC. In my previous job, I taught in an elementary...

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Friday, December 16th 2016

If you remember, a few months ago Google Docs had a wonderful feature called "Research". It was a way to search the web, pull websites in, and cite sources from directly inside of Google Docs. This little known feature was tucked away under the Tools tab and was very useful. When I was teaching a session on advanced features within Google Docs, I was...

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Wednesday, December 7th 2016

Google Classroom is a useful tool for the classroom. There are many ways to use this tool and there are many things that...

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